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Wedding Cakes and Celebration Cakes for Special Occasions in and around West Yorkshire

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Beautifully Bespoke and Carefully Crafted Cakes by Dianne Stanley

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(1385) FINLEY ~ Children's Cakes (Special Commissi 5472 MALTESER NOVELTY CAKE serves 30+

Novelty & Themed Cakes ...

A little treat for you ...

Sports Cakes, Children's Cakes, Hobby & Transport Cakes, Saucy Cakes etc ...  

Prices ~  will vary according to the complexity of the design and the number of hours it takes to create the cake from scratch but as a guide a basic football cake to serve approx. 15/20 portions will cost from £65 and a car cake from  £125/£150+ depending on the complexity of the design.


Lead Time ~ Please try to give at least 4 weeks notice for more complex cakes as materials may need to be ordered, background information may have to be gathered and research will likely have to be undertaken in order to create your cake.

Please note that when you commission any professional cake maker you are not paying for 'just a sponge' ~ you are also paying for time, knowledge, expertise, creativity, ingenuity, experience and materials. Oh ... and flour eggs and butter too ;)xx

Ideas for Novelty Cakes ...

I am often asked ‘What can you do?' ... The answer to this is quite simple ~ if it can be made in cake (or other edible material) then probably just about anything you can think of and quite possibly things you may not have even thought of :) ...  


                                        'If the budget is willing to meet the expectation then really the sky is the limit :)' ...

                                           and as the saying goes ....Good Cake Ain't Cheap! Cheap Cake Ain't Good!


Sculpted and shaped cakes can take many, many hours from concept to completion, with even the simplest looking of cakes generally being baked and decorated over at least a couple of days. Each and every cake from a small birthday cake to a large complex carved cake will receive my individual attention making sure that the cake tastes and looks fabulous.

Hand Carved (3D) Shaped (2D) & Cakes with Models ... basic designs priced from £65 ... models individually priced

'MATT' Saucy BOTTOM ~from £85 serves 20+

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